In the latest episode of the Medical Truth Podcast, hosted by James Egidio, Dr. Scott Jensen, a clinical associate professor at the University of Minnesota and a family physician, shares his insights on the U.S. healthcare system, COVID-19, and medical censorship.

Dr. Jensen questions the effectiveness of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines, and raises concerns about the negative impacts of these measures on people’s health and well being. He believes that there has been a lack of transparency and accountability from the government and the medical establishment regarding COVID-19.

The conversation turns to the issue of medical censorship and how it has affected the ability of doctors and scientist to speak out about their findings and the data that is presented through side effects leading to injury and potentially death. Dr. Jensen notes that he has been censored on various social media platforms for expressing his views on COVID-19, and he believes that this is a dangerous trend that undermines scientific inquiry and open discussion.

Dr. Jensen emphasizes the need for more transparency, honesty, and accountability in the healthcare system. He highlights the importance of the patient-doctor relationship and building trust with patients. Dr. Jensen also notes that too many pills are being used in medicine and that people are best served if they have a team of people around them.

Dr. Jensen feels that the relationship between patients and doctors is fracturing due to the increasing involvement of Big Pharma and insurance companies in patient care. He thinks that patients need to be informed, and the patient-doctor relationship needs to be honored. The interviewer and Dr. Jensen also discuss how other doctors have been reprimanded for their COVID-19 protocols, particularly in states with strict lockdowns. Dr. Jensen believes that the government is overreaching and that doctors should be able to use their best judgement when treating patients.

Dr. Jensen argues that COVID-19 became political issue from the beginning and questions why there were lockdowns and mask mandates if the virus had a 98.5% survival rate. He notes that similar viruses such as SARS received less attention in the past, despite having killed many elderly people and children. He also questions why Bill Gates is involved in vaccine development and why there is a push for vaccinations and lockdowns.

In response, Dr. Jensen notes that in the early days of the pandemic, COVID-19 was highly contagious, and people were dying, including many over the age of 80. The lack of effective treatments, such as ventilators, led to high death rates. He suggests that fear was a major factor in the response to the virus, and that decisions were made hastily without clear scientific evidence. Dr. Jensen argues that the public trust was fractured due to inconsistent messaging about mask mandates, social distancing, and lockdowns. Ultimately, Dr. Jensen suggests that the panic surrounding the pandemic was a means to control the public, who are more impressionable in such situations.

Overall, the podcast highlights the need for reform in the US healthcare system to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. This includes addressing issues such as medical censorship, the involvement of Big Pharma and insurance Companies in patient care, and the impact of fear and panic on decision making. Dr. Jensen’s insights and experience as a family physician and political figure provide valuable perspectives on these complex issues however Dr. Jensen and James the host of the Medical Truth Podcast emphasize that the optics of politics should not influence decision making with COVID or any future healthcare crises affect anyone personally. They also agree that there needs to be a call to action for grater transparency, honesty, and accountability in the healthcare system.

James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, author and host of the Medical Truth Podcast.