In a recent episode of the Medical Truth Podcast, Dr. David Rasnick, a scientist with over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, joined host James Egidio to discuss the American healthcare system and the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Rasnick is an expert in areas such as AIDS, Cancer, Drug Design, and Clinical Diagnostics, he is the author of a paper titled “Tyranny of Dogma,” a paper that exposes the problem of misconduct in biomedical sciences and how it has corrupted professional and governmental institutions.

The conversation began with Dr. Rasnick explaining the supposed cause of HIV and COVID-19 based on his research along with colleagues. He claimed that the idea of a retrovirus, which is the supposed cause of HIV, and coronavirus, which is the supposed cause of COVID-19, are totally harmless. He believes that the retroviruses have sequences with particular enzymes that are useful to humans and that they are probably human viruses.  Dr. Rasnick went on to explain that the HIV virus is a laboratory artifact and that nobody has ever found the virus in a human being. He explained that Dr. Robert Gallo tried to culture this virus in human T-Cells but couldn’t culture it in human cells at all. Eventually, Gallo searched for different cell lines and found a leukemia cell line. He mixed it with a sample from Luke Montier, put in lots of chemicals, and stressed the cells, and the cells produced these things called exosomes, which are well known in biology. He generated these things in a natural setting in the laboratory and called them HIV.

The Speakers then discussed the idea that viruses and diseases often arise during times of social turmoil such as wars or natural disasters. They suggested that disruptions to normal, healthy society, such as a lack of access to clean water or nutritious food, can lead to people getting sick.  They also criticized the lack of emphasis placed on a healthy immune system in fighting off illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Rasnick  suggested that the idea that COVID-19 was a harmful virus is a lie, and there are still efforts to maintain and gin up fear in order to maintain the pandemic despite its phony nature. He also suggested that SARS-CoV-3, the virus responsible for COVID-19, does not actually exist and that there is no sample of it in the world!

Dr. Rasnick went on to explain that when the virus is supposedly sequenced, they do not have a virus sequence, but instead take a sample from a single patient with flu-like symptoms. They use chemicals and enzymes to chop up the nucleic acids into tiny pieces, sequences the fragments and overlap them using computers. They then look for sequences that match the coronavirus genome, which they have already decided on, without having a healthy control to compare them to. He says that every case he has looked at, from China to the United States, South Korea, and Australia, has done the same thing, using a single patient and no control patient.

The speakers also discussed the negative effects of pharmaceutical companies and the federal government. Dr. Rasnick  believes that the intention is to destroy the world through fear and intimidation for full control by governments and big business (Big Tech, Pharma, Media and Governments), and that the pandemic is being used as a tool to do so. They discussed adverse reactions to vaccines and the lack of liability for pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Resnick suggested that AZT drugs used to treat HIV and the mRNA vaccine used to treat COVID are the lynchpins by the pharmaceutical industry to make money and that the vaccines were rushed under emergency use authorization, politicizing the issue at the expense of people’s health; and in fact they were.

In conclusion, the conversation between James Egidio and Dr. David Rasnick sheds light on the corruption and misconduct within the pharmaceutical industry, government institutions, and the media. They challenge the official narrative surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and urge people to think critically and independently about the information they receive. The speakers emphasize the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s health and well-being, including building a strong immune system and seeking out alternative treatments.

It is important to remember that the views expressed in this podcast do not represent the views of all medical professionals, and it is important to seek out a variety of sources and opinions when making decisions about one’s health. However, this conversation serves as a reminder to stay vigilant and question authority, especially in times of crises.

Overall, the Medical Truth Podcast provides a though provoking and informative platform for discussing important issues within the healthcare system. Dr. David Rasnick’s expertise and experience within the pharmaceutical industry add a valuable perspective to the conversation, and James Egidio’s thoughtful questioning allows for a nuanced and engaging dialogue. The podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the complex issues surrounding healthcare and the pandemic, and serves as a call to action for individuals to take control of their own health and challenges the status quo.

James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, author and host of the Medical Truth Podcast.