In this episode of the Medical Truth podcast, host James Egidio discusses with Dr. Joseph Sanson, a psychologist, the complexities of COVID-19 vaccine controversies and government responses were thoroughly examined. The episode marks significant anniversaries related to the pandemic, casting a light on the entangled web of narratives that have emerged since the virus’s appearance and the subsequent rollout of vaccines.
The discussion with Dr. Sanson began by acknowledging the four-year announcement of COVID-19 and the two-year milestone of the vaccine rollout. These vaccines have been subject to intense scrutiny, with claims suggesting they are akin to bioweapons, linked to a series of injuries and deaths. Dr. Sanson, who has recently filed a writ of mandamus in Florida, offers a unique perspective on globalism’s influence on healthcare and the psychological aspects that have shaped the public response to the pandemic.

One of the focal points of the episode was the psychological warfare waged against the populace. Dr. Sanson argues that smart individuals are often the most susceptible to manipulation, a contention supported by his background in clinical hypnosis. This susceptibility to brainwashing, he suggests, extends to how people have internalized government narratives on COVID-19.

The legal battles are just as intriguing as the podcast delves into the actions of an individual who embarked on a mission to eradicate what they believed to be harmful vaccines. Despite being met with silence from various officials in Florida, the individual persisted with legal challenges, supported by experts like Dr. Francis Boyle. The podcast sheds light on the statutes that were allegedly violated and the resistance met by authorities.

Most of the episodes discussed the role of politicians and organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. The conversation touched on the controversial decisions made during President Trump’s final year in office and the political maneuvering that accompanied the pandemic’s peak.

Corruption and the defense of constitutional rights were also major themes. The podcast highlighted the importance of local law enforcement, such as sheriffs and governors, in protecting citizens’ rights against federal overreach. The potential influence of federal funding on state compliance was discussed, with an assertion that the integrity of our representatives is often compromised by a system rife with blackmail and bribery.

The narrative then shifted to government corruption and the globalist agenda, where there’s growing distrust in political leadership and skepticism about their effectiveness in handling biological threats. The discussion included speculation on deep state involvement and the possible use of immigration policies as tools for undermining national security.

As the episode drew close, the conversation pivoted to vaccine safety, the skepticism surrounding official pandemic narratives, and the increase in all-cause mortality rates. The psychological operations influencing public opinion were dissected, with a call to action for listeners to engage in community activism and critical thinking.

Finally, the episode explored the taboo surrounding the discussion of nanotechnology in society, especially in the medical field. Dr. Sanson and the host discussed the influence of figures like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates on well-funded research and the implications of the Great Reset. The episode concluded with reflecting on the past four years, urging a critical reassessment of events.

This episode serves as a deep dive into the myriad of legal, psychological, and political dynamics that have surfaced during these unprecedented times. It is a stark reminder of the challenges faced in safeguarding medical freedom and the rights of citizens in the face of a global health crisis.

James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, author and host of the Medical Truth Podcast.