Chris Wark was just 26 years old when he received a life altering diagnosis that would set him on a path toward self discovery and healing. After nearly a year of experiencing abdominal pain, Wark was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in December of 2003. It was a shock to his system, as he had no prior knowledge of the disease and its treatments. However, it was not long before he was rushed into surgery and had a third of his large intestine removed along with several lymph nodes.

As Chris Wark lay in his hospital bed, he knew he had to take control of his health. After all, doctors told him that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and that he would need months of grueling chemotherapy.

But what disturbed him more than the diagnosis was the fact that the first meal he was served after his surgery was a sloppy joe. It was then that he realized that the conventional medical system was not equipped to help him heal in the way he knew he needed to.

In a world where people often feel alone when they receive a clear message from God or have a deep sense of purpose, Chris’ story of courage and determination is inspiring. He refused to let the opinions of those around him sway him from his path to healing, despite their lack of understanding.

As he embarked on his research journey, Chris discovered that physicians were not trained in nutrition and the power of lifestyle changes to support the body’s natural healing process. He believes that it is borderline criminal negligence for a physician not to provide patients with evidence based information and studies that can help increase their odds of survival.

Wark believes there is a crises in American healthcare because doctors are not trained to help people heal, but rather in surgical procedures and how to prescribe drugs. He thinks that the pharmaceutical industry has a stranglehold on medicine, and doctors are influenced by them. This, he believes, is the reason why many doctors do not provide their patients with proper nutritional and lifestyle advice.

However, Wark acknowledges that doctors are human and that there are good and bad doctors. It can be hard to tell if one has a bad doctor until it’s too late. This is why he advises people to be aware of the risks and not to rely solely on doctors. Instead, he encourages individuals to take their health into their own hands and do their own research, seeking out alternative treatments and natural remedies.

Chris Wark’s story is an inspiring one of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a way to find light. So, the next time life throws you a curveball, remember that with determination and the right mindset, anything is possible.

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