“Butchered By Healthcare”- Interview with Robert Yoho, M.D.

Jan 26, 2023 | Podcasts, United States Healthcare Podcast Episodes

Healthcare in the United States is the top cause of all of our overdue debt and personal bankruptcy, and U.S. medical spending per person is double that of other countries; and yet half the treatments are ineffective and harmful. To say that the U.S. Healthcare system is broken is an understatement. Listen to this episode of the Medical Truth Podcast as host James Egidio interviews Dr. Robert Yoho a retired surgeon and author of “Butchered by Healthcare” who discusses a broken healthcare system and the state of the U.S. healthcare system today 3 years later in a post pandemic world. Dr. Robert Yoho post his work at RobertYoho.Substack.com and his publications can be found at www.RobertYohoAuthor.com.  for previous and current podcast episodes and show transcripts go to www.MedicalTruthPodcast.com


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James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, and author to the Medical Truth Podcast by interviewing experts in the medical industry such as Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Scientist, Business Executives as well as former patient’s.

Episode Transcript

James Egidio: 0:44
Hi, I’m James Egidio, your host of the Medical Truth Podcast. The podcast that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the American healthcare system. Healthcare in the United States is the top cause of all overdue debt and personal bankruptcy in US Medical spending per person is double that of other countries, and yet half the treatments are ineffective or harmful to say that the US healthcare system is broken as an under statement, my guest received his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University Medical School, and went on to do an internal medicine internship at the University of Cincinnati, a residency in dermatology at Dartmouth Medical Center, as well as a practice cosmetic surgery throughout Southern California from 1992 to 2019. Today is a retired physician author of an award-winning book that can be found on Amazon with a 4.6 out of five rating based on 309 reviews. The book is called Butchered by Healthcare. It is a book that exposes the US healthcare system to help you see through the lies, how to handle hospitals, find trustworthy doctors, and master your medication use. He recently published and released his new book, titled, Cassandra’s Memo, COVID, and the Global Psychopaths. It is my pleasure and an honor to have on the Medical Truth Podcast, Dr. Robert Yoho. Hi Doctor.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 2:05
Thanks. Thanks so much, James.

James Egidio: 2:07
You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Just a little bit about introduce to that

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 2:11
and you don’t have to doctor me. We’re on a first name basis, we’re contemporaries. We’ve already established that, and I’ve gotta do my ten second disclaimer which is, this is not medical advice. Use this information at your own risk and see a doctor who’s currently licensed if you have a medical problem. Sorry about that. I the information you’re going to hear is developed from about six years of research. So I believe in it all, but we, you were forced in this environment to make disclaimers like that. Go ahead. Yeah.

James Egidio: 2:40
So I have a question. What inspired you to write butchered by health care and Cassandra’s Memo, COVID and the Global Psychopaths.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 2:50
So I am like Rip Vanwinkle, right? I just was abling along on. Typical doctor’s path. I had a little bit of a unique background because I was in a Bywater, a Eddie a side, a sideline from regular medicine. I did cosmetic surgery for 30 years, and so I didn’t have the insurance pressures, and I was able to make a reasonable living. Of course, the money in that field is exaggerated and there are problems, but it was reasonably satisfying. But I became interested in bioidentical hormones. And so I, studied and I took courses and I became certified and eventually began prescribing them. And I realized that the narratives the truths about bioidentical hormones are being concealed, and I couldn’t figure it out. So I dove into that issue and eventually learned that the FDA was conspiring with big pharma to suppress these useful drugs. They’re really some of the best established drugs in history. We’ve known about a lot of it for a hundred years. And the rest of these drugs, we’ve known about it for 70, 80 years. Thyroid we’ve had for 120 years and its benefits are well known. We know about the endocrine system, which is how it all goes around. So I couldn’t figure it out. And so I looked at it carefully. Saw the corruption and became fascinated with the subject and eventually wrote books about the hormones. And also started looking at the general healthcare corruption. And I looked at all the different areas and healthcare was just a mess. I just, I couldn’t believe it. And the three years I spent on butchered by healthcare, a lot of it was just trying to decide that the new stories that I was learning were true. And it was very painful because I have traditional training. So I burned down my pre preconceptions issue after issue. And then over the last year and a half, I’ve been looking more carefully at COVID. I started Substack at blog service@robertyoho.substack.com, where you can read almost 200 blogs. I’ve written about that. And so that’s the basics of my story. I I’m firmly convinced that we could, that half of what we do is either unnecessary or actually harmful in America, because we spend twice what any other country does, and our outcomes are worse, our general death rate, or are called mortality that’s higher than most other developed countries. And it’s just a mess. But I can go into any of that you’d like.

James Egidio: 5:34
Yeah. So with that being said What do you, what, how was healthcare ruined? What ruined healthcare? Because you covered that well, but to be more specific as to what, what ruined healthcare?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 5:46
I can go into the the different parts of the field that are fraudulent. And so if you look at the top level, the insurance companies we view insurance as a protection against disaster. But most of our, nearly 4 trillion in US medical spending is run through insurance companies before payment, which produces this insanity of wastefulness. They extract about a fifth, $20 out of every a hundred of whatever they touch for their profits to administration. And this is not the case in most other countries. So we’ve got this we’ve got this system, which is double the cost of the other developed countries, and Singapore gets buying about 5%. But so the insurance layers are part of the problem. The hospitals are, there are idealistic people there, but the corporations are just ruthless pirates, and they’re at least a third, perhaps 40% of US healthcare spending. And they spend 10 to 15% of their receipts just on coding and collections and other methods to whip company out of money out of the insurance companies. And we all know about big pharma. We thought that I thought originally that they had some merit, but when you scratch beneath the surface, they’re purposefully falsifying the studies that the FDA requires to patent the medications. And the FDA turns a blind eye to it because they are funded about 50% by pharmaceutical companies during the patent application process with these fees called user fees. And I can go on about the other the specific medical fields, but just a quick note about the journals and the academics of medicine, I have become completely contemptuous of these information sources. They’ve been wrecked by corporations. The journals have been bought off, their editors have been bought off. They print fraudulent studies. Their was a British medical journal. Editorial, it was either last year or the before that said the title of it was Time to Assume that the medical literature is fraudulent until proven otherwise. And it’s, most of it is absolutely a pack of lies and it’s spreading false information. Then we’ve got the the medical specialties and I can go into what I found about them if you’d like.

James Egidio: 8:10
Sure. So what you’re saying is it’s the health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical company and that makes a lot of sense. It’s interesting you say that because I see a lot of times where, you know, when I was involved with the medical practice that I had for 24 years, that you’ll for instance, I’ll give you an example. Viagra, for instance, when it first came out and was rolled out in 1998 it was, I don’t know, eight, $9 a pill. Maybe $7 a pill. And then in 2020, when I got out of the practice, it was up to $80 a pill. And, but then you could also, at that time when it came out at seven, $8 a pill in another country like Canada or somewhere else, India it was, or India, it was 40 cents a pill, 50 cents a pill, right?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 9:03
Yeah. I have a friend who’s purchased Viagra from India, and my friend says that it works, my friend okay, there you go. You caught it. Anyway. Yeah, it’s a mess. And those are called patent drugs, and the generics are cheaper, but they’re often adulterated, they’re often ruined by the manufacturing process. But in the case of Viagra my friend says that all the stuff he’s purchased from India works.

James Egidio: 9:33
Yeah. It’s interesting too because I was told that when that happened with, especially Viagra, to be exact, is that when it was being manufactured in India and people were purchasing it from the United States, that Pfizer went ahead and just opened up their own factories and provided both their branded product and their generic product.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 10:00
Yeah, I don’t know about that specifically. I, if Pfizer did it, it certainly wasn’t done as a charitable as a charitable move. The ordering drugs from other countries seems to be a loophole and you can do it. It’s buyer beware, of course, but. Generally the generics are about the same. Now, you can also get the proprietary drugs, the patented drugs if you have a way to order those from other countries. And they’re frequently quite inexpensive. America, we’re just being raped and pillaged by these pharmaceutical companies because the. The drugs have been made so expensive that only five or 10% of the total formulary is now proprietary, and the manufacturing is much better with the proprietary drugs is much more consistent. Now, these guys are not they’re nothing to be appraised, but they can do very consistent manufacturing. And if the drug is good, many times you’re better off with the proprietary drug. For example, some of the 24 hour beta blockers only work for eight to 12 hours. The purported 24 hour generics. And if you are having trouble with your medication, you’re best off to try the proprietary medication and see if it works. If you really need it now, well over half of what we prescribe is unnecessary or actually harmful. The statins, the entire psychiatric formulary they’re. Basically it’s a real mess.

James Egidio: 11:27
yeah. we could go on for several episodes on just the pharmaceutical industry, but getting back to your point that the reason why healthcare in the United States has been pretty much corrupted is through the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies. I think we can both agree on that one for sure.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 11:43
That’s the vector or the method the underlying problems are They’re a lot more horrifying. But the basically, yeah, the way it was done is you turn everything into a financial equation, took the doctors out of the equation as much as possible, and destroyed their ability to make individual judgements and to advocate for their own patients through the corporate practice of medicine.

James Egidio: 12:04
Yeah. In your book Cassandra’s Memo, COVID and the Global Psychopaths. You mentioned hot lots to make that make the Covid vaccine Russian roulette. What do you mean by that and how significant is that to, let’s say, even violations of the Nuremberg Code?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 12:21
Now we’re we’re getting into the advanced material. And if your listeners don’t understand the basics, this is going to be hard to believe. But basically the, there are analysts who took the VAERS data. The VAERS is a vaccine adverse response database in the United States. It’s voluntarily reported and it’s incomplete. Some of the estimates. It’s hard to, it’s hard to use the database. And some of the, and there are, there’s evidence that it’s getting ruined by the the agencies who are responsible for taking care of it. But what it does is the, each vaccine is has a serial number, right? And there are thousands of serial numbers for the COVID vaccine. Each serial number has thousands, at least thousands of individual vials with the same contents. Right now the VAERS data bank that can be searched for what happened with an individual serial number. And we’ve got researchers such as Craig Paardekooper and I think he’s in Belgium, who’s somehow put this data together and they examined the. Serial numbers and the adverse events reported by doctors and others. This includes deaths and the data in VAERS is primarily United States, but hot lots is a research phrase that the vax makers wish you would never have heard of. And if you can imagine baby spinach recalled for salmonella contam contamination, that’s the sort of thing a hot lot is that’s what the term means. But Paardekooper developed very credible data that the pharma companies were using. the VAERS system to analyze how sick or fatal they could make their vaccines. And it’s going to be hard to believe just from a narrative like this. You need to look at the graphs either in my Substack or in my book Cassandra’s Memo, which recently, which was immediately censored off Amazon, but which you can obtain through a free distribution service that you can learn about through my Substack. But anyway, so when you look at these graphs and we have these figures that Show the disease and destruction created by each lot. Now, inside of each lot the pharmaceutical companies, they’re, it’s a consistent product, and there are thousands of these data points, and they’re plotted on a line over about a year’s time, and they show that that’s about just a few percent of these lots. Were responsible for most of the fatalities. And there may be 25 million fatalities worldwide due to the vers, due to the COVID vaccine. Just to give you an idea, and I don’t know how many there are in the United States, but the estimates were they’re very high and the people are getting cancer. They’re having all kinds of problems. Blood clots are a feature. This strokes, autoimmune diseases, all kinds of stuff. But anyway, to cut to the chase. When you look at the time timeline, it looks like the three companies were coordinating. Pfizer, Johnson, and Moderna were coordinating a fatality dose response study. In other words, they had a limited vertical distribution of these severe reactions. And they only lasted a short period of time. And you can graph the the responses. Now this sounds complicated, but it’s easy to understand. I re-edited this chapter over and over. to make it easy. So you ha really have to look at the graphs to understand that these companies seem to have deployed batches of varying toxicity and lethality during the last half of the time period. It absolutely, in my mind, it absolutely convicts them of genocide because they were studying and they could obtain the data through VAERS. They threw the hot lots out there, and then they studied it by downloading data from VAERS, which is available to both the rest of us who were trying to put the information together and to the psychopaths running this study. So we know how bad Big Pharma is.

James Egidio: 16:44
Oh yeah.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 16:44
Wikipedia has their own page of shame about them, and they basically, they’ve had more. criminal convictions and criminal settlements than any industry in history. Billions of dollars a year. And they’ve been allowed just to pay off these settlements with their massive revenues and stay into business, in business. It’s a stunning it’s a stunning story. It’s really one of the most horrifying stories in my whole platform. And so I’m not sure that the your audience is ready for it unless they understand a lot of other stuff.

James Egidio: 17:18
It’s interesting you say that because if you think back when they rolled out this vaccine, it was under you, it was supposedly emergency use authorization, right? Yeah. And it freed the pharmaceutical companies of liability. That makes a lot of sense because now it’s okay, we’re free from liability, it’s emergency use authorization. We’ll create this panic storm to get people to vaccinate. And I even wrote this in some of my notes where they were, offering free weed and donuts and, strip clubs and lottery tickets for, for the vaccine. This is one of the first vaccines that I can remember having been in the medical field for pretty much all my life that they’re offering, donuts and strip clubs and lottery tickets for a vaccine. When did that ever ha occur, Never. And then the other thing is it seemed like it became a political football on both sides. They made it a political issue. So now you had people who were taking sides on mask and not wearing mask and vaccines and anti-vaxxers and all this other stuff instead of, so there was obviously some kind of a coverup or there was some kind of rush to let’s, let’s just, There’s nothing to look at here let’s just, take the vaccine and just shut up. And that’s what it seemed like it’s been like for the last two and a half years, and any kind of intelligent conversation from professional people that have been involved in this, in these industries their entire life. You can’t come to me and say how do you fly an airplane? James? I can’t tell you how to fly an airplane, but I can tell you a lot of things about the medical field and about, interpretation of lab results and so on and so forth. You’re questioning really good people, censoring really good people at the cost of what the cost of lives, right? So it’s like, where does the, in, when does the insanity end and the normalcy begin with people seeing two sides of the equation or the coin. I get started on this stuff. just, I lose it.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 19:07
You may want to back up and talk about how the whole thing developed. And what we saw and what we have documented conclusively in hindsight was that the Covid virus, was a manufactured bio weapon that turned out to kill an awful lot of people and so we have evidence, financial records that go through the welcome trust and from Fauci into Wuhan China that this thing was either transplanted or developed in the Wuhan lab but it was all directed from American academics. and the money was laundered through Europe in order to support that lab. And so this thing was released, or it was accidentally released, but the net effect was this pandemic. Now this would’ve been a nothing burger, as we say in California, a nothing burger if proper therapies were allowed. And, we have documentation of the planning that took place publicly in event 201 and 10 other pandemic models that Gates Foundation and other people put together documented exactly what they were going to do. And so this thing as the virus spread around the world panic was incited by the media. The therapies that work avidly were concealed. And then the vaccine was introduced. The quote vaccine was introduced as a second blow to damage us and to scare us and to create havoc. And the data has become more and more clear to the smart observers and people are standing up to re to repeat all this stuff. But that’s the basic story that your listeners should understand, that the entire thing was planned and it was and the documentation is comprehensive and that our information sources have been ruined as part of the process. And we have been subjected to this incredible gaslighting program to to frighten and intimidate and to lie to us about the truth. Gaslighting is a word that was the word of the year last year in Miriam Webster. And what it means is telling lies to distort the truth, make people question their sanity and intimidate people.

James Egidio: 21:31
So that’s the Covid virus itself has been around for many years though, correct?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 21:36
I’m not an expert about this, but as I understand it, this is a new variant that it had to been LA manufactured in the labs because it has genetic sequences that are artificial, or at least could not have been natural evolutionary products of what came before with chances of one in trillions that had happened naturally. So the, this thing is a manufactured virus that has been used like a bio weapon, an intimidation weapon on the entire globe. There’s not a country which hasn’t been affected psychologically or physically.

James Egidio: 22:14
Yeah. So why the draconian lockdowns in 2020 for a virus that have contracted, had a 98.5% of survival rate? In other words, if

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 22:26
you yeah. So the lockdowns were, they’re, they weren’t a product of the Virus. They were a goal of the people trying to control us. And basically if you think about what the lockdowns were completely ineffective as a viral tech viral control technique, just like masks, which, you can’t imagine a mask with a hole in it a thousand times the size of a virus would have any effect, right? And obviously they had no effects. They are both gaslighting procedures to intimidate and control the worldwide populace. And when you scratch beneath the surface, masks have been used for prisoners and slaves. Hundreds if not thousands of years. We have documentation from history going back at least 500 years that they were being used for slaves in the Caribbean, and they were used for the people imprisoned at the Arab how do you pronounce that? Prison in Cuba Guantanamo. And and it’s, the masks were part of the intimidation campaign. And yeah, if your listeners aren’t familiar with this, it’s going to be hard to believe, but they were not a reasonable response to a viral epidemic. In fact, it was completely irrational. And it’s a gaslighting.

James Egidio: 23:45
Yeah. Also the health effects of wearing a mask too are not too good either.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 23:49
I’ve never been convinced of that, but it certainly is intimidating and aggravating and it makes people less likely to it, it is a virtue signaling or a compliance signaling device, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s gaslighting on steroids, mandating mask. Yeah. It’s really an outrage.

James Egidio: 24:07
The other ludicrous thing too about the mask thing, and I said this from the beginning, you’re, you were a surgeon is, you’re in a sterile environment when you’re scrubbing down to get into, go into surgery, you’re putting on a mask in a sterile environment. You have a sterile field. So if I’m walking around all day with a mask on outside in public and I’m touching it, and I’m there’s no more sterile field. There’s no more, where’s the benefit of wearing a mask?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 24:32
The thing about the mask, Doing something for surgeons. That’s another myth that has never been clearly established. They, the theory is that you decrease your infection rate because you don’t put droplets from your face onto the sterile field. But the studies that have evaluated that have never, they’ve never strongly established that your infection rate is influenced by mask wearing. So the mask thing is pretty much nonsense from head to toe. It certainly keeps blood off your face, which is right. Helpful. It may prevent the surgeon from being exposed to the patient, but the reverse has not been clearly established.

James Egidio: 25:14
Yeah. And then the other thing that was interesting during the pandemic was the natural immunity natural immune system really got mentioned during the pandemic. Why is that?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 25:24
The pandemic was designed to intimidate, make us fearful, make us turn towards authority for for for our sense of support. And part of it was this ridiculous idea that we had to come up with a vaccine to treat a relatively mild viral illness. Now, obviously, viral illnesses untreated can kill a lot of people, and in fact, COVID did kill a lot of people because the treatments were suppressed. And in some cases, in African countries, the treatments were actually burned. We have a lot of evidence that the treatments work. For example, in India, there are two provinces each, almost the size of the United States, about 250 million people. And in one of the provinces the the treatments were given, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, zinc, they were given in a little packet to everyone. And in the other province they weren’t. And we found out that the the treatments work that way. Now there are many other studies now that demonstrate the efficaciousness of these things, particularly vitamin D and Ivermectin. Ivermectin is the drug that the disease works most avidly for. Yep. But there were plenty of other studies. Africa missed the whole pandemic because only 5% of Africa ever got vaccinated. So the vaccine turns out to be on a second dose or a third or fourth dose of the spike protein. And the problem is that every exposure makes the chance of you having a severe sickness or a mortal reaction to death, much more likely. So after three vaccines, these people in America who felt it was a political issue their chances of dying have shot up and their chance of dying in the future from the spike protein factory that they’ve turned their bodies into is, it’s unknown, but it’s certainly higher than the people without the vaccine.

James Egidio: 27:24
So what you’re saying then is that the vaccine itself produces these spike proteins, is what it’s doing. It’s replicating these spike proteins.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 27:32
It’s not a vaccine, it’s a nightmarish bioweapon that has a kill rate, which is demonstrated in the hot lot study by PaarteKooper. Yeah. It’s just, it’s crazy. It’s just, it’s like we’re inside a science fiction novel. Yeah, dystopian, unfortunately not a happy one.

James Egidio: 27:52
Yeah, it’s not a happy one. What do you think the future of this is? Where do you think the, I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 28:00
I try to avoid predicting the future. And as far as I’m concerned, we have no choice but to fight because if we let the thing go on the way it’s going, I think the ultimate goal, which has been expressed by these caricatures at the World Economic Forum is totalitarian control. Yeah. Of the whole globe. It’s just, it’s so hard to believe, but we’ve gotta fight. James.

James Egidio: 28:24
When you say fight, just resist getting these vaccines because, we were confronted with, and I say we, the people that we’re out there, in the world of, airline pilots, nurses were forced to get vaccines.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 28:37
No, you’re not forced. No, I know. You quit.

James Egidio: 28:40
You, yeah, exactly. You could quit.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 28:42
Anybody subjecting their health to this stuff risks are much higher than are commonly appreciated. The hot lot study, just that one time interval, the risks seem to be about one in 200, a half percent of getting one of these hot lots, which has a significant chance of killing you or maming you or destroying your health. So anybody that gets a vaccine has not examined the data, they don’t understand what’s going on, and it’s out there. It’s on Substack for example, Substack is a platform that hasn’t been censored yet. Some of the books that are available are detailing this, that Amazon still permits publication on and Amazon’s burning books. Anything that’s too too much truth in it, they will not publish. Yeah. Where’s there’s, I think I mentioned this earlier,

James Egidio: 29:31
where is the direct correlation? There’s gotta be a direct correlation with violation of the Nuremberg Code with all this stuff isn’t there? Or is it just doesn’t hold any weight anymore.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 29:41
Yeah. The Nuremberg Code as I understand it, is written into most countries constitutions and also into our state constitutions. But, and the theories about what we should be doing legally are beyond me. The Children’s Health Defense CHD website lists around 50 lawsuits that they have going and they’re pursuing various legal theories. But apparently the Nuremberg Code is not something that can be easily enforced, particularly when the judges are also largely co-opted in America and elsewhere. But they’re not all co-opted. So there is hope and we have to play Whack-a-Mole. to at least slow down the advance of the army against us.

James Egidio: 30:24
Yeah. Yeah. It’s interesting. We saw where HIPAA violations were pretty much went out the window with vaccine passports and, sharing your personal medical information with employers

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 30:37
to back up. HIPAA is a confidentiality law in America that says that you’re not supposed to spread your as a provider, you have certain requirements about how you obtain consent to share medical information. And James is just saying that they they seem to be ignoring that there, there are many lawless threads now, and this is only one of them. And in fact, it seems like the most minor part of it all.

James Egidio: 31:03
Yeah. Yeah. I interviewed a gentleman by the name of Jay Glasgow. He owns a company called Privacy dot Co-op. and he, that’s exactly what he does, is he has a legal department that sends a letter to these various businesses and whatnot that breach your confidentiality and your personal information. And he had mentioned something really interesting about, when you get into your car, every time you get into your car, your body weight is calculated in these newer model cars through your seat in your airbags, and that information gets disseminated. Or when you go to a doctor’s office and you give them information about, let’s say your pain level or whatever, all that stuff gets calculated and collected and sold. All that data does. So it just seems like with this whole COVID thing over the last two and a half years, and I’m sure it’s probably even prior to COVID, is that there is no such thing as HIPAA laws anymore. I think that’s all personal, private data has gone out the window.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 32:03
HIPAA laws. HIPAA laws are seem important, but they’re the least of our problems. In an era when we have these criminals like fauci, like gates, these people who are genocidal, psychopathic murderers, running loose publicly talking about their agendas to of quote population reduction, which instantly is not a problem anymore. We don’t have fears that the world is going to be overpopulated because we are adequately feeding most of the world’s populace. Even Africa has declined. Their starvation rate has declined from a double digit starvation rate in the last. 25 years to a single digit starvation rate. The energy is plentiful, at least as of now. And, if they don’t destroy our ability to use fossil fuels adequately for the energy maybe may, maybe we can go on and feed everyone. And, the United States, there’s not a problem with food production here. We produce 4,000 calories per person and only need 2000, but we force feed 2,700 to everyone. So that’s our average consumption, but we really only need 2000 It’s crazy. But HIPAA laws, at least of our problems when we have Yeah, no, I know. These genocidal, maniacs promoting their agendas and going around Sure. And developing these bioweapons and attacking the entire world’s populace and making us sicker and less, less strong and intimidating everyone.

James Egidio: 33:27
Yeah. Yep. So where do you. where do you see the, and like I said, you don’t have a crystal ball, but where do you see the future in all this? Where are you think this, what’s the end game? What, I guess what’s the end game? Is my question to you, for these, for this, these psychopaths?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 33:42
Yeah. They, they want, they, their end game is quite apparent because they published and they have conferences and all kinds of things. And if you look at this, these caricatures operating the World Economic Forum. They’ve theorized a lot of stuff about what they they think they need to have happen with the unification of man and machine. They think that we’re gonna be and they just like a terminator and be able to put poor c human consciousness cyborgs. Yeah, it’s absurd. And anyone with a serious medical background knows that when we’re in our sixties or seventies, we probably carry multiple cancers within us. We have the seeds of our own demise right here that our actuarial survival is 10 years or 15 or 20 years. And, some of these people are contracted to freeze their heads with you hear about that story Alcon.org or.org. ALCON I think that’s it. In, in, I think it’s in Phoenix. But they, they contract with people to freeze their heads. So when the singularity occurs, and we can port the human consciousness into machines, which, supposedly that’ll happen pretty soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. But if you’re gonna die in the meantime, at the moment of your death or very shortly thereafter, within seconds they cut your head off and stick it in liquid nitrogen, right? And so you gotta laugh at some of this stuff. And, we’ve got Klaus Schwab who is like a character out of a James Bond movie. Yeah. But he, yeah. And we’ve got this crazy quote, intellectual Harari who writes these books that have been so well received. But when you scratch beneath the service he’s advocating all kinds of nonsense from start to. There’s reason for hope because these people are holding up a fragile tissue of their quote, transhumanism in front of them. And what they’re afraid about is the same fears that you and I have about our own mortality. And instead of realizing and becoming accepting our mortality and understanding that life’s impermanence makes it all sweeter, these guys are having conferences about transhumanist theories where they port themselves into machines and they think that because they’ve become so successful in the physical world that they can’t miss the next world or the oblivion that it’s gonna come to them.

James Egidio: 36:02
Yeah, I think the thing that we, and the people that are listening to this podcast and watching it is that at the end of the day, like you said, there’s hope. but there’s more of us than there are of them. We,

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 36:17
there’s only a few of them.

James Egidio: 36:19
Yeah. There’s only a few of them. So

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 36:21
psychopaths are the theory. I read all the psychopath literature.

James Egidio: 36:25
I read your list memo. Yeah. I read your list.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 36:27
Yeah. But they are probably 1% of the populace. And everyone listening knows the psychopath who continually lies. That’s the best marker for it. And they basically, if you get to know them, they enjoy hurting other people. And so that’s the motivation here. Now what happens in these large organizations is the psychopaths co-opt up to 15 or 20% of the rest of the populace. And these people are damaged by, their proximity to the psychopaths and often are involved in the conspiracies and conspiracies are a hallmark of psychopathic behavior. Now, insidentally when you hear the conspiracy theory term that was invented during the period right after the JFK assassination, right? And by the CIA, and it came into currency. And if you’re hear conspiracy, you dismiss whatever comes after that phrase. But of course, if you understand what’s going on, you’ll understand that psychopaths operate with conspiracies and that’s their modus. And sorry, I got on a rant there, James

James Egidio: 37:40
Oh, that’s a good rant. Just to go back to butchered by healthcare for the listener and the viewer, you mentioned that screening tests are useless. Why are they useless? Medical? Okay, so screen test that is right.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 37:54
Screening tests. What we’re, let me define that. That’s a test on a healthy person to see if you have a problem. And the theory is that you can nip it in the bud early, right? And so it’s like these screening tests for the covid virus, right? The thing that’s rammed up your nose. That, that thing is useless medically because. The statistics on it just are, they’re absurd. It, the only viruses, those of us in medicine understand that viruses can’t be treated very well in most cases, but we do have new treatments that work and they spread through the populace. There’s no way to prevent a viral spread with isolation or mask, or any of the other social distancing. It’s all absurd. You put me back on my rant here, James

James Egidio: 38:40
So I asked you about screening tests and Oh You mentioned they’re useless and why are they useless? The other screening test, let me continue to define what they are

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 38:48
a screening test would be like looking up your backside with a scope when you have no symptoms, right? You have no symptoms, no bleeding rectally, no abdominal pain, nothing. And a screening test is like mammogram. Screening test is like checking for cholesterol when you have no symptoms or problems. And these tests have been rolled out primarily in the United States. And they promoted the use of all kinds of inter therapies, right? They promoted early excisions for breast cancers, which aren’t really cancers. There’s a, there’s an entity called in CTU breast cancer, which has the same chance of dying as if you don’t have breast. So they pick this up on a mammogram. They biopsy it, they sometimes slice the breast off. And sometimes if you’re particularly like Angela Jolie, they slice both of ’em off, right? and then you got this big advertisement for the non-functional medical care. In the case of colons. And we, breast cancer is just this huge industry. I’m not implying that breast cancer isn’t a problem, but we have good treatments for breast cancer that are being suppressed. and the early treatment of breast cancer is largely, completely fraudulent. It’s just, it’s crazy. The idea that these early breast cancers has statistically predict breast cancer is absurd. But it, it is an individual case scenario. So I don’t want you to take my words as treatment advice. You have got to figure this thing out as best you can and work with your doctors and go on to another doctor if you don’t think you’re making progress. But in general many chemotherapies are much worse than nothing. But that’s just a general statement, not to be construed as a advice.

James Egidio: 40:29
Yeah. So I understand. So my question, I guess is, and I don’t mean to interrupt you there, but It’s okay you, cuz you mentioned something very interesting. You are saying, they’re somewhat useless, but what’s the difference between, let’s say, preventative healthcare, get going out and getting your yearly blood test, your chem panel and your CBC and what not as opposed and just to see your, and your cholesterol levels to check that as opposed to these diagnostic tests being that you useful at all. Is there, I saying you should get in general preventive care,

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 41:07
I think it ought to be pretty much chucked, except for you need to have a, there are risks and there are benefits, right? The biggest risk in medicine is smoking. About one out of five people dies of smoking related diseases. So you gotta risk like that. You’ve gotta, you’ve gotta think very carefully about the next cigarette that goes in mouth every time. Then you have intermediate risks like diet and exercise, and those are pretty important. Sun exposure probably is important. It’s less well documented. And I know you’re in Florida, so you’re probably getting plenty of sun. You should go out in your bathing suit, not just with a shirt on. And then you have lower level risks like fluoride exposure because, the United States has got universal, almost universal fluoride fluoridation of our municipal water supplies. That stuff. The newer studies have shown that pregnant mothers who are exposed to fluoride as opposed to controls who are not have a decline in their kids’ IQs of a bound of full standard deviation. Now that’s consequential and I’ve not read the studies, but I think it’s, they’re pretty good. If you want a full. Exposure of the fluoride issues. I’m about ready to publish a modified repost of Steve Kirshes fluoride article in my Substack at Robertyoho@substack.com. Another risk, which is probably more consequential than fluoride, but is not clear, is EMF exposure from cell phones and cell towers. And with the increasing deployment of these 5G towers that’s more consequential, but we don’t know. An awful lot about it, but we do know it raises the temperature of little kids’ brains when they put the cell phone up to their heads. So these things can be mitigated pretty easily. For example, colligan water reverse osmosis turns any kind of bad water into good water, and you can buy bottled water and drink that. That’s pretty easy to mitigate once you understand how bad fluoride is. And I like everything else, you’d better look at the evidence for yourself. The cell phone stuff, you shouldn’t put the thing against your head, right? It’s the anecdotes and the evidence that it does cause tumors is pretty strong. And in fact, every cell phone has a disclaimer that says you should not. Hold it up to your head. So nobody reads the fine print. You should use it on speakerphone and, mitigate your risk of the emf You can turn your, you can turn your wifi off at night. Wifi is something, the exposures are something you can heal from. So you want to avoid exposures. And as of now, it seems like we can reduce those risks very low. The risk of cervical cancer we they talk about mitigating that risk by doing pap smears on millions of people, but only 4,000 people die a year in the United States from cervical cancer. So that’s a rare one. It sounds like a lot of people, but it’s in the scope of a all the mortality or all the deaths being a. Half cancer or something. It’s nothing. So the pap smears probably are useless unless you have a reason to get it pain or discharge or some other reason. And the numbers just don’t bear out their utility. Likewise for colon cancer, the screening with a scope, that scope kills a number of people. It’s not very common, but it is possible that you can puncture. I think it’s one in 5,000 or 10,000, you get a puncture, and of those one in 10 dies or something like that. And that’s, those are figures that I extrapolated when I examined the issue from other types of colonic injuries. Yeah, like penetrating wounds.

James Egidio: 44:50
Yeah. There’s the, also the the whole thing with the environmental toxins lowering testosterone levels in men. Now we have a whole new. Issue with BPH’s or from plastic. And there’s all and pesticides and foods and the foods that we eat now are lowering the testosterone levels in men, right?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 45:12
So testosterone is very good for a man’s health, and it’s very good for a woman’s health too. And this one can be easily mitigated as well by giving extra testosterone either in a cream form or in a shot, which can be given once a week or twice a week for men. I don’t know. I don’t have any hard evidence and I haven’t studied why the testosterone levels are decreasing. But this is a phenomenon in the last 30 years, roughly that they’ve decreased by a percent a year or so, sperm. Activity or sperm numbers are decreasing also, which is in a, it is consonant with the rest of the population’s declining fertility, we’re not at replacement reproduction levels. But we have so much illegal immigration now that I don’t think that’s much of a problem we’ve got, we’re replacing our citizens with non-citizens.

James Egidio: 46:05
For the listeners and viewers of the Medical Truth Podcast, in your professional opinion and what advice do you have when it comes to quality medical care?

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 46:13
Okay, this is a big question. Now. You almost need healthcare providers expertise to navigate the system. If you have a serious problem. For people who are the worried young people who probably don’t have a lot of problems you’re better off staying away. But our childhood vaccines have increased our rate of all kinds of things. All allergic and inflammatory diseases and als, not Alzheimer’s. Autism has increased dramatically from around one in 10,000 when I was a little kid to about one in 30 now, and Wow. I know it’s stunning. And that is there, there are no good studies on vaccines. Okay, now just think about that. These other drugs, we can analyze what the drug companies did with their sugar pills and the rest of it in thousands to 10 thousands. Tens of thousands of patients, but there are no double blind placebo controlled trials for vaccines, just as there are none that are proper for psych drugs. All the entire psychiatric formulary we can throw out the window because it hasn’t been proven to help. And these arguments you can look at more closely in butchered by Healthcare. I recommend that you have a look at that if you don’t think I’m credible. And I, we don’t have time today to get into all that. But anyway, put me back on the, on course here. Oh, absolutely. Was the question. No, we were just talking about where, and it comes to quality medical care. Oh, okay. Yeah. You do have some options you didn’t have before Trump. Trump made it possible for you to get virtual visits with doctors anywhere who agreed to do it, and you can pay 500, a thousand dollars or maybe even more, and you can get the best doctors in the country or maybe in the world to do a consult on your case. And so if you have a serious medical problem, if you have cancer, if you have anything that looks like it’s gonna take your life or severely injure you at the drop of the hat, if you don’t think your doctor is doing a good job, you get these consults. And then you can have the outside consultants from the big medical centers direct your care with your personal doctor. Because all throughout the United States, The doctors have access to every medication on the US formulary, everything that works. And there are times when you have to make your own decisions and obtain your medications from outside sources and get directed by a doctor in another state. And they’re allowed to do this now. They’re allowed to consult without a physical. Which is new. The medical boards have traditionally censored or taken licenses from doctors who did this routinely, but they’re allowed to do that now since the supposed dangers of in-person visits have have escalated with covid. Now I put supposed down because I don’t think that they’d be dangerous at all if we were allowed to use the therapies, which have been proven so conclusively to work. But the gaslighting the psychopathic gaslighting that we’ve seen about the COVID treatments, the ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine, and the zinc, and the vitamin D it’s been so profound that the, in California, the doctors aren’t allowed to talk about it. It’s crazy. And now that’ll get defeated in court. But it’s in the meantime, these guys can lose their license. Yeah. If they tell you to take Ivermectin and buy it from India.

James Egidio: 49:41
Yeah. It seems like at least now, and I guess the silver lining of all this too, is that you can become more in this day and age, proactive with your health, your personal health, which is good. But I think you also have to be selective and do more research too before you, you move forward with anything anymore. Especially like you say with the vaccines, for instance.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 50:05
Well I think if you take any of these vaccines, you haven’t looked at the data. Yeah. Including the childhood vaccines. Now we’re left with, since the studies have been ruined or not performed, we’re left with quote anecdotes. Now, what an anecdote is, it’s there’s two different kinds of medical science. There’s three really. First, there’s theories which are nonsense as far as I’m concerned. You know this because you’ve got a substance in your blood called a surfactant or a something else that the thing must work because of this and that. But the empiric science is either double blind studies or anecdotes. Now, an anecdote goes like this. If you have a country with 300 million people, where 10,000 kids have fallen down to the floor and started banging their heads and never spoke again after a childhood vaccine, that’s a convincing anecdote to me. And then the time course of this decline in this increase in autism. Exactly. matches the time course when these vaccines were rolled out and made we destroyed the ability of the plaintiffs to take revenge on the drug companies who came up with this stuff since 1986. Reagan signed that thing into law. It seemed reasonable at the time, but there’s no liability for a lot of this stuff. It, the legal shields have been created around the vaccine companies. Since then, the autism rate has steadily climbed, and that is not a causal connection that can be proven, but with the anecdotes like the, like all the problems that have developed and the the kids that have essentially been destroyed immediately after getting a childhood vaccine and the insanity of doing all this stuff. to newborns. Yeah. Yeah.

James Egidio: 51:53
It’s really sad because, we look back now, what, a year and a half, two years later with the rollout of the vaccine for Covid and it just seemed like it was like a political football is what it was because you had, the Operation Warp Speed, get it out, everybody gets vaccinated. But then people didn’t want to take it because they took a political side at the time, and then all of a sudden we have a different political party in office and all of a sudden it’s nobody, oh, don’t, you don’t wanna get the vaccine. Then another new p new regime comes in and it’s all of a sudden it’s the silver bullet for, and the cure-all end all to everything. And it just became a political football. Instead of people just taking a couple steps back, taking a deep breath and saying, okay, let me investigate this. There’s a lot of things I could think of that we take more time to think about that are so mundane and trivial, but yet we’ll put a vaccine that’s been untested and we’re the Guinea pigs. And I guess it gets back and it makes a lot of sense when you talk about hot lots about this whole thing about hot lots in, in the pharmaceutical companies freeing themselves from liability with all this. That makes a lot of sense because you have to have, as and I know being in the medical industry for a long time, you have to have a placebo group. You have to have a group, a control group, you have to have the sugar, the group that takes the sugar pill. And then you have to have the group that gets tested with the various strengths of that vaccine or that medication or whatever it is to find out how things are gonna shake out. It doesn’t make any sense that 18 year olds and. 22 year old athletes and, 30 year old athletes are just dropping dead on a, on a basketball court, on a soccer field. I have three people I know personally that have been affected by the vaccine and to the point of death. Okay. Personally, 30 year old, a 50 year old, and a 65 year old, all healthy individuals. The 30 year old, he dropped dead in his house and his brother found him on the floor. It’s not coincidence, that his brother comes home and he finds him dead on the floor and he’s healthy.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 53:56
Mainstream poles have established that at least half of us, and they’re, these, they have to be conservative, but the figures, 49% have personal connections with people who have been severely vaccine injured.

James Egidio: 54:07

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 54:08
The thing that’s amazing to me is that you can have one of your family members drop dead or have a problem and still deny it,

James Egidio: 54:14
of course.

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 54:15
But people have such a connection to football heroes and other these quote, whatever they are, the sports figures and everything else, that when one of them drops dead or appears to drop dead on a football field, all of a sudden people shake their heads and wake up,

James Egidio: 54:31
yeah. The 30 year old, his grandmother was the one that pushed the shot. She was just so adamant about everybody in the family getting a shot. And then the husband ended up with a heart attack this past summer, and then the kid passed away last spring. It’s not coincidence. 30 year old kid. That’s what he, em,

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 54:50
Emerson says that a man becomes what he thinks about most of the time. And that’s the story with grandma. She wasn’t bribed and she wasn’t threatened. She was fooled by the propaganda.

James Egidio: 55:00
Yeah, that’s exactly right. My guest, Dr. Robert Yoho, M.D. Did I say that right? Sure. Yeah. He just don’t call me late for dinner. four books. two that’s really stand out is Butchered by Healthcare, could Be Found on Amazon, as I’d mentioned the beginning of this episode here 4.6 stars outta five ratings, 309 reviews, and his latest book Cassandra’s Memo, COVID, and the Global Psychopaths. It could also be found on substack at robertyoho.substack.com. That’s robertyoho.substack.com. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Medical Truth Podcast doc. I appreciate it,

Robert Yoho, M.D.: 55:45
James. Thank you so much, and we’ll give you the free link to download my last book to your, so you can put that in your show notes.

James Egidio: 55:51
Yeah, absolutely. And it’d be nice to get you on the show again and we could talk about some other works that you’re doing. Sure. Thanks.