8 Things to Look for in a Good Doctor or Healthcare Provider

Jul 20, 2023 | Podcasts, United States Healthcare Podcast Episodes

In this episode of the Medical Truth Podcast, host James Egidio discusses eight essential attributes to look for in a good doctor or healthcare provider for your healthcare. James shares this advice with 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner in which he has managed over 40 physicians in 3 niche medical practices.

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James Egidio brings more than 24 years of experience as a medical practice owner, manager, entrepreneur, and author to the Medical Truth Podcast by interviewing experts in the medical industry such as Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Scientist, Business Executives as well as former patient’s.
Episode Transcript
James Egidio

Get ready to hear the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth about the United States healthcare system with your host of the Medical Truth Podcast,James Egidio.Hi I’m James Egidio,your host of the Medical Truth Podcast,the podcast that tells the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth about the American healthcare system.In this episode,I’ll discuss8things to look for in a good doctor or health care provider the past3years post pandemic.it’s been a awakening and a silver lining to it as well.And some of the things that the pandemic has taught us about the American health care system is that outside of fear censorship and gross negligence the U.S.health care system reared its ugly head with reckless doctors and health care providers who were driven by fear of losing their job and plain out greed at the cost of lives that were being lost.However,out of that surfaced some really courageous doctors and healthcare providers.And of course,as they say,the cream always rises to the top.with that being said,I have conducted several interviews when I started the medical truth podcast and one of the episodes that really stood out with some really bad actors,that is doctors and nurses.in a hospital setting was the interview I had with Scott Schara in episode number11,where it was a high profile case,where Scott took his daughter grace into a Wisconsin hospital.And she was murdered and overdosed with a large amount of sedatives.Grace had down syndrome.Scott took her in in good faith thinking that she had COVID.She was in the hospital for about four days before they killed her.They murdered her.They blatantly murdered her.And he watched this all in real time on FaceTime,with his eldest daughter,who was in the hospital with Grace at the time that took place,very tragic story.You could see that,like I said,episode number11.And my podcast episode,you could even watch it on rumble or on the website,which is MedicalTruthPodcast.Com.However,with that being said there’s been,a multitude of other good doctors that have come forward as whistleblowers.to state their case and their situation as to why they had to be whistleblowers and expose the truth that’s going on in the medical industry.In episode number6was Dr.Peter Breggin Dr.Breggin’s been around for many years.He’s a psychiatrist.He wrote a book during the pandemic called COVID-19the Global Predators,.We are the prey and he’s exposed the nefarious motives of the globalist and their agenda,their future agenda for pandemics and the COVID pandemic episode number7,I interviewed Dr.Scott Thomas.He was a pediatrician out of Oregon who exposed the dangers of the MMR vaccine and tied it to autism and had some empirical data that he collected and presented to his state board of medical examiners,as well as to the CDC.And this Oregon board of medicine took his license away.In episode number13,I interviewed Dr.Scott Jensen,who is a family practice physician out of the state of Minnesota,who worked in a hospital and reported an incident or incidents of having to be coerced into signing death certificates that had nothing to do with COVID.So if they died from,let’s say,I don’t know a motorcycle accident,he was to put COVID on the death certificate.And when he refused to do that,the state of Minnesota threatened him with taking his license.And he’s from Minnesota.He was educated in Minnesota.He’s served his community for many years.He was the family practice doctor of the year I’m going to take a quick commercial break.And when I come back.We’ll continue with this podcast episode.When you need a prescription filled immediately go to quickrxrefill.com for an online doctor consultation and prescription.Whether you left your prescription at home while traveling or in between doctors or just simply ran out of your medication,visit quickrxrefill.com now.Consult with a U.S.licensed physician online and within minutes get your prescription filled at your local pharmacy,it’s that quick and it’s that easy.Plus,not only is quickRxRefill.com safe and secure,they’re private and affordable with a100%money back guarantee.And they understand how important getting regular medication on time is to staying healthy,especially if you have a chronic condition,visit QuickRxRefill.Com now to sign up and talk to a doctor within minutes.That’s QuickRxRefill.com.Another doctor,Dr.Maria Mihalcea,I interviewed her,How to Detox from Dangerous Vaccines.That was episode17when I interviewed Dr.Mihalcea.Dr.Mihalcea literally researches on her own free time when she does have free time to see and investigate the contents in the mRNA Vaccine or the.Gene therapy,or death shot the jab,she’s done a lot of research.She’s also has ties to some really good physicians and professionals who have done their research on obtaining samples of the actual vaccine and doing some actual research on what’s in there,the contents of them and the motive for it.I also interviewed in episode number21physician assistant,Deb Conrad.She’s from the Northeast.She exposed her hospital when she reported VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)vaccine injuries to the government and she started off with about20or30reports a week.And then she found herself doing about anywhere from3to400per month.After a while,and when she did that,she reported it to the CDC and to her hospital that she worked at as a hospitalist physician assistant,they literally physically escorted her out of the hospital and fired her episode14.I interviewed nurse Kimberly Overton and she was a whistleblower as well.And then Dr.William Makis in episode number24is a Canadian radiological oncologist who honor is very diligent sub stacker continues to report pretty much on a daily basis,vaccine injuries and deaths,but primarily deaths.And he discovered that right after the rollout of the vaccine in2021a multitude of doctors up in Canada died suddenly probably about50or60.and then he’s done some more research on athletes,pilots.Who are vaccine injured or died.And then this last and most recent episode,I interviewed Dr.Alan Bain.He’s a family practice doctor,osteopathic doctor out of Illinois.But anyway,with these episodes,I had over the course of a couple months,several months received emails from several listeners and viewers.Who were concerned with1common question How do I look for a good doctor or health care provider when it comes to my personal health care and the tips that I’m about to give you is not medical advice.So I’m not saying go out and fire your doctor that you have under your care,but if you’re looking for a doctor,these are some useful tips to be aware of that may help for your health because it is your health.It’s important and you have the autonomy,you have the control of your health and you don’t need to be led down a path where you have to listen to any bureaucrat or anyone for that matter,it’s your body.It’s your choice.It’s your freedom.It’s your medical freedom.But anyway,let me get started with that.And again,this is my professional opinion based on my experience in the medical industry.When I would even refer patients through the clinic that I owned as far as looking for a specialist or just a family practice doctor regular GP.Anyway,I’m going to outline eight attributes to look for in a good physician or a health care provider,number one is good bedside manner.And that’s an obvious one.A physician that takes his time and listens to what you,the patient knows about as far as your body is concerned,your body better than anyone.And when you go in to see a doctor and you have a chief complaint,a cough or cold or whatever it may be,or a ache or pain or whatever.Yeah.You are the one that has to make that choice.And you want a doctor that has good bedside manner that listens to what you have to say and listen to what your chief complaint is.Number two,a doctor who gives you autonomy and allows you to make medical decisions about your health care and your God given rights.It’s your health care.It’s your freedom.It’s your decision as to what you want to do and how you want to do it.Now,the doctor,of course,can make recommendations.He could say,this is what,I think you should do if,you feel comfortable with that.And then,I say,go with it.It’s your body,it’s your choice.It’s your freedom.Number3,look for a doctor who does not base medical decisions on social,political or economic reasons or agenda or preferences and who also makes it’s not pressure to make those decisions under any duress or pressure from their employer or a bureaucrat or anything.They’re not influenced by their political sides.They’re not,influenced by their social preferences or anything like that.So you want a doctor that’s bias free and is there to practice medicine and good medicine and be able to take care of you as a patient.And this is a really unusual one.Number four is look for an experienced doctor,perhaps one that’s55years old.And the reason why I say this is because I come from a generation that when I was going to school and I was a pre med student We were taught to read,write and do arithmetic and study and focus on that particular subject.A lot of the learning institutions today have become indoctrination centers where even in medical schools,they’re pushing their biases and their agenda.On too students.I was reading an article in MedPageToday.com where they’re teaching LGBTQ in medical school to students and how to treat LGBTQ patients as opposed to non LGBTQ patients.That has nothing to do with the body in medical school and.And learning maybe from a psychiatric standpoint,but not from a not from a medical standpoint,not from a physiological standpoint.So I say doctors that were trained that are55years old or older were trained under a different healthcare system and learning institution.These past years,10,15years,these doctors are being,like I said,taught based on social,economic,political platforms and motives basically woke culture.So they have and these older physicians have a real life experience and they know medicine based on that experience.Number five,look for a physician with minimal to no lawsuits.That is sourced out of physician’s background by doing a Google search by the associated medical board in that local state where that physician is located,look for any gross negligence and malpractice,or even substance abuse or,arrest records related to substance abuse or ongoing substance abuse.Some doctors have been sued.It doesn’t mean they’re a bad doctor.They may have been sued for some frivolous lawsuit by maybe taking a bandaid off too quickly or something and the patient was felt that there was pain and suffering when that happened.That’s not a real lawsuit.That’s a very subjective lawsuit.It’s not an objective one.An objective lawsuit would be a doctor is just completely negligent.He’s under the influence of drugs and he’s doing surgery and he botches the surgery and he kills a patient that’s a negligent lawsuit.So look for that when you go to those board of medical examiner websites that physician has his license at.Number six,if you have to get a second and maybe even a third opinion,do it.If you’re not happy with the way you’re being treated,or you just don’t like the doctor’s bedside manner,as I mentioned earlier,move on,go to another doctor.Just get a second and third opinion if you have to.number seven doctor that does not take a one size fit all approach to treating you as a patient.This was brought up in the episode that I did with Chris Beat cancer.Chris had surgery for his colon cancer,and as he had mentioned in the episode in that Chris Beat cancer episode,he talks about going in for a follow up to his oncologist for his chemotherapeutic regimen and the doctor just treated him like a number,didn’t look at him.Look over his diagnosis,didn’t do anything.He just says,this is what we’re going to put you on and he got upset.Him and his wife left the office.They were crying.They.Prayed about it.They says,we got to do something.And that’s when he took the course of action that he took,which was natural treatments.So a doctor who doesn’t take a one size fit all.And finally,number eight,and this is important.Again,this has a lot to do with your personal choices of your body,your choice,a doctor who emphasizes healthy lifestyle choices,such as proper nutrition and exercise.Not someone who’s going to just continue to push drugs for everything.And I want to make another point about all this.When I say that a doctor who gives you the autonomy for your choice,it’s your God given choice.It’s your body,like I said.So that’s what you have to base that decision on is your God given right and freedom to take charge of your health.Okay,take charge of your health.You have to we’re in a very interesting time in the medical industry,a time that I never thought I would see.I always thought you could,trust the doctor,the doctor Welby of the day that would make the house call and,and you would get treated,like royalty,but it’s not around anymore.It doesn’t happen.So you got to be very selective,very careful about who you choose as a physician.I just want to thank you very much for joining me in this episode of the medical truth podcast.If you have any questions or concerns,you can email me anytime at James@medicaltruthpodcast.com.You can also go to medical truth podcast.com and you can go to the resources page,free resources.There’s all kinds of.Medical documentaries and real good ones,by the way great medical documentaries.There’s a lot of information about vaccines.And if you’ve gotten the vaccine you could put your lot number in to a system on that free resources page.And you can research your lot number of your,the vaccine that you may have taken.So there’s a lot of good information there.There’s previous episodes.There’s a lot of good resources on that website.But again,thank you so much for joining me and God bless.Thanks.Thanks for listening to the medical truth podcast.For the latest episodes,go to www.medicaltruthpodcast.com.You can also find the medical truth podcast on rumble,as well as all the major podcast platforms like Apple podcast,Spotify,Stitcher.And I heart.